About Chum City
The Xena, Yahweh and Zeus of online society! Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos,

Our mission

Giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. ChumCity's launch in 2023 is already a lesson in community, changing the way people not just create and connect but converse and commerce in come together in cul de sacs, cities and counties across the state, the country, the continent, with features like Cameo and Cultura and Choosy, empowering with positivity the powerless and impassioned as well as the poetic. Now already, ChumCity is moving beyond web2 toward immersive and native cryptology that actually assuage the cost of living while enhancing  experiences in the cybersphere and helping to build the next evolution in social technology

Our principles

ChumCity embodies the very definition of its name—"Chum" and "City"—with a universal commitment to friendliness and community, which acts as a guide in our approach to how we build and tailor technology for people and their relationships to one another.
Our leadership is lorded by chummy and cerebral minds molded by the behavior science of both lions and lambs, individuals that know the importance of commonwealth and community and how to nourish and protect them. Unbeholden to Big Money and the bitter influences of the Powers That Be, our founder is a fearless brainiac and battle-tested visionary guiding our company to an economic prosperity and digital evolution that actually educates and elevates society.